Sports facilities

JPS believes that educational athletics is key to a student’s academic journey and this provides outstanding opportunities to teach very essential life lessons. Therefore interscholastic athletic participation is designed as an extension of the classroom. Numerous opportunities are planned in the academic year for general participation as well as for advanced training in specialized sports, to compete in tournaments and competitions against other schools.

Students have access to a range of state-of-the-art sporting facilities such as: basketball, badminton, tennis, squash, snooker, cricket, taekwondo, football, table-tennis, yoga, aerobics, athletics, board games such as chess, carrom, etc.

Professional coaches ensure that the students reach their potential and participate in intra and interschool competitions. After school activities are conducted for extra coaching in selected sports.

We engage resident students with a multitude of weekend activities for students in their pursuit of a truly holistic education and the after-school activities run parallel to the athletics program. The numerous House sporting events regularly create a buzz around the campus which culminates in the excitement of Sports Day.

Adventures Club

Adventure sports club at JPS School is the forum for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, and climbers in the student community. The members of this club work to develop a spirit of adventure. The JPS adventure activities include Trekking, cross country, mountain biking, and wall climbing.


Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking. Jain Public School has a very efficient team of athletes. The teams not only take part in the sporting events held at the campus but also participate in the competitions held in other Institutes across the city.


Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports. This game helps in building endurance, improving balance and coordination and also to develop concentration and self-discipline. Jain Public School has a very efficient basketball team that participates in different matches in and outside the city.


It can be said that cricket is the ‘unofficial’ national sport of India, the most popular game in our country. JPS boasts of having four different cricket teams on the campus along with 2 practice nets to practice and a great following of students.


Badminton is officially chosen as the fastest of all racket sports in the world. The speed at which a player can hit the shuttlecock is up to 288kph toward their opponent and this racquet game is one of the major sports which is played by almost the whole community both the students and the hostel residents.

Frisbee Club

This is a skill-based sport, where consistency, accuracy, and concentration are the key features. There are three categories in the sport; School team, recreational, and under 12 boys, girls, and mixed category.

Joggers Club

The objective of this club is to make people go out of their rooms and pursue a daily fitness regime. The members of this club believe that “Every day is a good day when you run”. The club organizes regular jogging sessions and cycle trips to nearby places.


Playing football has immense health benefits. It can lower body fat as it burns fats and calories, helping in building muscle mass and getting a toned body, besides increasing the strength of the body’s skeletal frame. JPS has very strong teams in all divisions and we look forward to creating our very own Football League soon.


Tennis is another modern game that is loved by the students of the Jain Public School. Along with providing a refreshing break for the students, it offers good physical exercise too.


Volleyball is a very popular game in India, played both in rural as well as urban India and it finds its popularity amongst the students of JPS School too, even during their lunch breaks.

Table Tennis

Table tennis helps in developing concentration and in our school it is played with a lot of excitement by students. A coaching facility is also available for students.


Playing chess is an incredible health benefits as it results in better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking and attention improvement. The PE& Sports Dept. in JPS organizes chess workshops and hosts tournaments regularly.

Skating Court

The skating court in JPS provides an opportunity to beginners keen on learning how to skate and those interested in improving their skating skills. The activities organized in the court are basic skating lessons for our EYP & PYP learners. Workshops are organized in a planned manner for summer and winter breaks.