The best cbse schools near kundrathur encouraging the students to become all-time learners, gain knowledge, reason out, question, apply, invent and be in control of their lives. The remarkable "Leader in Me" curriculum promotes the idea of students taking charges of their learning and acquiring skills and attitudes that enable them to cope with the demands of life, subsequently, be a concerned and contributing member of the society and nation Our Jain public school is one of the top schools in kundrathur, which can be accessed just 12 minutes of travel time. The main motive of the school is to promote intellectual excellence, uprightness of character, emotional maturity, scientific temper, spirit of healthy competition, cooperation, participation and accountability.

Kundrathur Best School Students Led Initiatives

Best school near kundrathur conducts elections to various position of the student's council allows the students to experience the process of Democracy. The student council takes up the initiatives of organizing events, programs, cultural and conferences. Best schools in kundrathur included the students displaying leadership in all aspects of learning. They displayed static and working models in various academic subjects, life skills in the form of skill club display.

    Skill Club in Best CBSE School in Kundrathur

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Instrumental

Students of all the grades participated and showcased not just the process but also the outcome such learning and empowerment. Conducting this kind of events help the students to imparting knowledge that is national in character, international in outlook and encouraging universal brotherhood.

top cbse schools near kundrathur

Safety Measures And Systems In Best Cbse School In Kundrathur

Compared to other top schools in kundrathur we provide a safe environment is ensured that learning and knowledge can flow uninhibited. CCTV cameras are installed at each strategic place and in school buses. Our school is very safe and hygiene. These kind of facilities you cannot find in other schools around kundrathur.