The first six are the critical years of human life since the rate of development is more rapid in these years than at any other stage of development. Early Child Care and Education makes a positive contribution to learner's long term development. We at JPS fully acknowledge that and provide the right kind of atmosphere with academic support and plethora of activities under a safe and secure atmosphere.

We have mapped our curriculum as per the policy document – National Early Childhood Care and Educational Framework launched by MHRD.

Salient features of the curriculum:

  • Weaves together all the subjects and skills that are found naturally in life and provide an opportunity to students to use multiple intelligences in practical way.
  • It is relevant and meaningful; it prepares the children with skills required for fast changing world outside.
  • It is futuristic and equips the students with skills required to meet the challenges of a fast evolving world.
  • Activities selected for a particular theme will activate all intelligences of students and therefore draws up every child's inner gift.
  • Learning centres for experiential learning and development of all intelligences.