Play Ground

Evening Sports in Progress

Intra-Mural Kabbadi finals were held between Kalam and Sarojini House. Kalam House wins with lead of 24 points.

Intramural Tournaments for Kabaddi and Archery Matches held between Gandhi House, Kalam House, Mahaveer House and Sarojini House

Playing outside is very important in childhood as it develops 21st century skills, team spirit, sportsmanship, coordination, discipline etc - It energizes body, mind and sould. To inculcate the above qualities the spacious play area at JPS is host to various sports activities for young learners.

Intramural Tournaments for Football held 07th September. Gandhi House, Kalam House, Mahaveer House and Sarojini House participated in today's football matches. Mahaveer house won in today's match.

Young leaders .. leaping the giant step of faith , leadership and empowerment by participating Intramural tournaments

Intramural Tournaments begins at Jain Public school .In order to enhance their sportsman skills and give practice to our young Leaders for the upcoming CBSE cluster matches, school has initiated Inter House Sports Matches.Gandhi House won in today's Throw-ball Match. It was good to see students cheering for their respective House teams