Leader in Me Hall

The Leader in me hall is a space created exclusively for the students and staff of the Jain Public School wherein they can find all the opportunity to enhance their Leadership skills .It has been decorated with all the creative Leadership displays of the students. The Seven Habits tree, Proactive language and the seven different habits have been beautifully and artistically etched out by the students and the staff.

Students gather here for a plethora of activities related to the Leader in Me Curriculum. These include Leadership and culture centric activities like collage making, debate, mimes, skit and games which involve the seven habits. Students frequently celebrate their achievements here in the Leadership Room. Interactive sessions with guests and dignitaries who often visit the school are conducted here. Students proactively display their initiative and take charge of such events. The Leader in Me hall thus houses the true essence of The Jain Public School.

Young students from STD – LKG to 1st involved happily in creating their own leadership display and pasted their seven habits tree on the walls of their class rooms. Their joys knew no bounds as they saw their creatives come to life as the lovely trees adorned the walls.