The preprimary and primary wing students engaged in their "Anger Free Zone Activity cbse no anger, It included creating and displaying a board at the Entrance of the ground floor, with the message- You are entering an Anger-Free Zone . The classrooms too displayed the same message. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the activities with their peer groups. Pre.Kg did a Palm Print activity Lkg: circle time , deep breath drawing smiles and class parade with placards on anger free zone. get calm down followed by the counting they took deep breaths. Children took a few sips of water to stay cool and danced for five minutes by singing their favourite JINGLE. UKg students drew smiles and did art activity .. Grade I :created an anger free wheel. and coloured it too. Grade 2 did Scrap Book Activity and : Problem Solving Wheel. the teachers then explained and made students discuss the learning Students of middle school from grade 3 to 5 also did a lot of activities and discussions..Grade 3 created a classroom corner with no anger chart for anger management and the students who needed to calm down came to that corner and performed anger management instructions Four words dance, deep breath, smile and shake your hands was written in separate chart and pasted on the wall. Students were called to touch anyone chart and do the specified activity to free them from anger. Students of grade 4 did role play and meditation activity that made them realise how to control anger Students of grade 5 actively participated in anger free zone activity. They did drawing, writing stories and meditation , which help them to reduce their anger. They shared many ideas which help others to reduce anger. The senior classes from grade 6 to 10 too did a series of activity. grade 6 and 7 made colourful posters and displayed them on the walls .Grade 8 conducted An Active class discussion. Students of grade 9 presented their views on anger management as speech and grade 10 students engaged in a class debate on the topic the necessity of incorporating anger management as a key skill.

Children learn through multiple methods. One of the most effective way to reinforce learning is through art, especially when it related to languages. Little leaders of UKG had a pleasurable learning experience as they indulged in colouring activity which was not merely colouring but also extended to learning of the English language. The excitement of the tiny tots was infectious indeed !

Grade - I B Activity in Class on Food Grains

Tender fingers at Jain Public School sold ladies fingers, Onions, Carrots, Brocolli, Chillies, Carrot, Cauliflower and much more. A live vegetable market at the corridors of Jain Public School was put up by our budding young leaders to celebrate vegetable market day. Pre Primary children were introduced with the concept of money and measurement. Teachers and the students were invited to buy vegetables from the market. Our young shop keepers enthusiastically sold the vegetables.

Grade V culminate the forgiveness week by preparing beautiful handmade forgiveness booklet, where every child writes his/her idea as why forgiveness is important.

At Jain Public School we believe in hands on experience and learning of the same was incorporated in the Social Science class of grade VI, where the children learned about "Indus Valley Civilization" through board games and projects.

Before the invention of paper people made clay tablets to write and preserve. Our children tried to make dough tablet and write on that. This activity made us realise the invention of paper eased our life.

Educational researches have shown that teachers' actions in their classrooms have twice the impact on student achievement as do school policies regarding curriculum, assessment, staff congeniality, and parental involvement. The quality of teacher-student relationships is the keystone for all other aspects of classroom management. At JPS we take care of all aspect of classroom management and we firmly believe that physical space carry equal importance. Every class room is equipped with emotional bank account which promotes positive behavior in our young leaders. Word wall displaying key concepts of every chapter, Birthday charts, seven habits tree are some key feature of our classrooms

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I learn, Involve me and I learn... That’s what happened in grade II science class where students learnt about Plants through craft activity in their science class.