Thirumudivakkam best school is located close to our residential township. Amarprakash foundation has initiated and promoted the "Not for Profit" school in thirumudivakkam, because education is the evolution from darkness to light that can lighten children's life. You will get a convenience of living close to your kid's school. Also you can be relaxed and trouble-free, as your kids no need to travel too far to reach the best school in thirumudivakkam in just a 5 minutes travel. It is already ranked as the top 10 schools in thirumudivakkam. They have prompted countless initiatives, programs, projects and activities that has made them stand out as one of the most unique schools around thirumudivakkam.

Compared to other top schools in thirumudivakkam, Jain public school is not only focused on student academics but they have also created a supportive living environment which play a vital role in improving their skills. And they created a dutiful Art school for kids which has various artistic options unique than other cbse schools near thirumudivakkam.

    Programs and Activities:

  • Fitness programs
  • Green school program
  • Dance floor
  • Music arena
  • Clay modeling
  • Painting and sketching

Conducting various programs,helps the student to learn and gain social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Co-curricular activities and the play activities are an essential in the comprehensive development of student. One of the main reason of these activities is to make students independent and boost their self-esteem. Jain public school is consider as best cbse schools in thirumudivakkam for its infrastructure, academic reputation, educational proficiency, competence of faculty, safety and hygiene.

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