Physical and Emotional Well Being

The most important aspect of school functioning is to ensure the Physical and Emotional Safety of students. At Jain Public School no stones are left unturned to do the same. A very informative workshop was conducted by JPS Staff nurse on the topic Physical safety of the Students .It included aspects like safety of students at class room ,lunch and snack time ,play area, labs and wash rooms and about the checking of food expiry date that included sweets which brought by the students on birthdays. The session was followed by interaction of all staff members.

Emotional safety is part of the holistic development of a child to excel in academics, conduct himself socially and improve his emotional intelligence. Teachers are the ones who work with the students most of the time. Hence it's important for teachers to share and learn the different aspects of emotional safety. Jain Public School constantly works towards engaging teachers in a way that they carefully engage students and work in a balance way with the emotions of students.With this aim a workshop on emotional safety was conducted for the teachers at JPS

At Jain Public school well-being of our learners is of prime importance. We provide direct nursing services to the students and staff members to maximize health and wellness in the school community. The school has proper and adequate in-house arrangements for providing medical aid and conducting periodic health check-ups of the students. The growth and health record of each child is maintained and notified to the parents on a regular basis.

School also has Special educator on board who looks in to the well-being of learners and spread the harmonious and conducive culture in school environment.

Active Student Council at Jain Public School ensures to take steps for well being of all students. In lieu of the same #HealthCouncil is running healthy food eating drive where children are engaged to write their food diaries and discuss with school Nurse .This motivates them to eat well and on time. Children are also sensitized on health , sanitation and No Food waste.

Prevention is better than cure... In order to equip all the staff members to handle first aid and emergency situations in school a workshop was held in school premise