Jain Public School, the School for Leaders, is a CBSE affiliated and one of the best schools near Tambaram. It was founded in 2015 and has already been ranked among the best cbse schools in Tambaram with many awards to its credit. Compared to other schools near Tambaram, Jain Public School is located in a scenic location and in a clean environment.

As one of best schools around Tambaram, the Jain Public School is a non-profit organization that encourages students to develop unique leadership skills and creates true leaders who excel, nurture and empower studentsin all areas of life.

One Of The Best Cbse Schools Near Tambaram

Among the top 10 schools in Tambaram, JPS is not only renowned for its academic excellence, but overall global development and the transfer of diverse skills are being made here. Under the guidance of visionary leadership, the school has spearheaded countless initiatives, projects, programs and activities that have made Jain Public School stand out as the best school near Tambaram with a travel time of just 20 minutes.

Highlights Of Jain Public School

Best school near Tambaram having excellent infrastructure, well-ventilated classrooms, well-equipped & Innovative Laboratories.

Facilities At Jain Public School

Top schools in Tambaram with state-of-the-art library, well-equipped labs, air-conditioned auditorium, and spacious playground.

Location Highlights

As one of the cbse schools near Tambaram, the Jain Public is located amidst major transportation corridors and commercial infrastructure such as Outer Ring Road, Chennai Airport and MRTS, Inner Ring Road, and Bangalore Chennai Expressway, etc.

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