Jain public school is one of the top most, renowned cbse affiliated schools around pallavaram, founded in the year 2015. First and the best cbse school in pallavaram integrated with the world class leader in me curriculum, designed by Stephen R. Covey. They believes in empowering students with 21st century leadership skills. cbse schools in pallavaram creating a suitable environment to empower the future generation to indentify the purpose of life through connections to the society. Pallavaram best school providing opportunities for the development of leadership qualities that can be utilized in the future for the creation of a better society.

Jain public school is one of the top 10 schools in pallavaram which empower students to apply their knowledge in real life situation. The best school near pallavaram which can be reached in just 15 minutes. JPS helps the students to be globally competitive citizens with steady rooting in Indian values. And its focus on all round development of the students.

    Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Saturday Skill Clubs
  • Visual Art
  • Craft Education
  • Art Education

Jain public school, best cbse schools in pallavaram make the students recognizing their true potential and shaping them into confident, responsible, balanced and multifaceted individuals with well-groomed personalities. Helping them to Set a high ambitions in life and encouraging them to passionately pursue their goals makes this school to get a place at top schools in pallavaram.

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