Jain Public School, is the best cbse schools in Anakaputhur, it is a renowned CBSE affiliated school and ranked one of the top 10 schools in Anakaputhur. The Jain Public School was founded in 2015 and has credited with numerous awards. JPS as a best school near Anakaputhur is located in a peaceful environment within 15 minutes of accessibility.

Jain Public School is a non-profit organization that believes in empowering students with unique leadership skills and creates true leaders who excelin all scopes of life, not just academic excellence but also holistic development. The school has sphere headed innumerable initiatives, projects, programs and activities that has made the school stand out as the best cbse school in Anakaputhur.

JPS is the first school in South India and cbse schools in Anakaputhur to adopt Leadership as an integrated curriculum, Jain Public School has tied up with Franklin Covey of USA and adopted the Leader in me Curriculum based on Dr. Stephen Covey’s book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People".

    Education at Jain Public School

    Jain Public School believes in teaching various learning techniques. Every individual has seven intelligences:

  • Musical
  • Mathematical logical
  • Linguistic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intra- personal
  • Naturalist
  • Innovation resource centre
  • Hall of fame
  • JodTod Centre
  • Investigatory Project based learning

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Rather than teaching them with one method we work on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence Model where one topic is taught in varied ways as per need of learners. To achieve this school has created MI room where they learn different concepts through board games. Decade 2010 - 2020 is declared as a decade for innovation. To incubate and nurture mind of our young leaders and foster problem solving and project based learning skills, school has set up Innovation Lab. Following are the components of innovation lab.

Highlights Of The Jain Public School – One Of The Top Schools In Anakaputhur

  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Well Ventilated Classrooms
  • Well-Equipped & Innovative Labs
  • Qualified Teachers
  • State-Of-The-Art Library
  • Air-Conditioned Auditorium
  • Spacious Playground