Jain public school, best school near thiruneermalai affiliated to the central board of secondary education (CBSE) was established in the year 2015. Each kid has unique skills and abilities, best cbse school in thiruneermalai provides them good education and help them to identify their talents. At, Jain public school, teachers are committed to creating milestones and molding the future generation. The school is located in a close proximity of just 10 minutes.

Top 10 schools in thiruneermalai

Jain public school has created a touchstone in the field of education and now stands one among the top schools in thiruneermalai. It has received the best green school award and ranked No:1 in innovative teaching India's top CBSE school. Our biggest strength is that the school offers a CBSE curriculum and a rich learning material. As, one of the best cbse schools in thiruneermalaidelivering the "Leader in Me" curriculum, we have been recognized for experienced in the realm of education. Within a very short span the school has made a mark in the sphere of education.

Physical Education

Every year, the best cbse schools near thiruneermalai celebrates international Yoga day. Every student participate with enthusiasm and more over teachers and principal also performed various asana under the guidance of expert Yoga Teacher. The main aim was to raise awareness and improve children's memory function.

top cbse schools in thiruneermalai